AML RightSource Canada, Inc. welcomes feedback from individuals with disabilities (including clients and employees) about how we are meeting and supporting accessibility in our workplace and the delivery of our services. As we strive to remove barriers and improve upon our accessibility, your feedback is always appreciated.

Please Note: Individuals who provide formal feedback (as long as contact information is provided) will be advised of any resulting actions taken based on the concerns or complaints submitted.

Please complete the Customer Feedback Form online (see below) or click download and save it and email to canadahrteam@amlrightsource.com If you have questions or require the document in an alternate format please email canadahrteam@amlrightsource.com or call 1-877-577-5463, press 1 and leave a message for Canada Human Resources Team.

All feedback is directed to Human Resources and a response will follow within ten business days.

Please note: any personal information collected through completion of this feedback form will be kept private and will only be used for the sole purpose of responding to the submitted inquiry.


Download Form

Ontario Accessibility Feedback Form