Our Solutions

A History of Evolution

When we started in 2004, financial crime prevention was a little less complex. Many of the non-bank financial service companies in the marketplace today didn’t exist. We focused on helping banks and credit unions in the US meet their anti-money laundering compliance obligations with highly trained analysts and investigators.

As our clients’ obligations changed, we evolved. We added support for their Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence needs. We moved beyond just managing special projects to taking on parts of our clients’ ongoing financial crime prevention activity. In 2016, we added advisory services to share our broadening expertise. We rapidly expanded our number of analysts and investigators and opened additional offices in the US and Canada. We invested in their continuous education so they could bring best-in-class results to our clients.

The compliance environment continued to change and become more complex. New financial service providers entered the market, offering new products and services. We expanded to assist these clients too. We saw new technologies applied to financial crime prevention and 3rd party compliance risk and started looking at how we could do the same.

We knew that we were delivering analysis and investigations to clients more efficiently than they were able to do themselves. What if we married our highly trained analysts and investigators with cutting-edge technology? We could offer our clients end-to-end technology enhanced solutions to improve their performance and outcomes. What if we expanded our reach and applied these technologies to 3rd party compliance risk? To answer these questions, in 2021we found like-minded companies and people, creating these technologies, and had them join us.

From our very beginning, now and into the future, we are Reimagining Compliance.

Demands on financial service providers continue to grow. Their operating and compliance environments are even more complex. To meet these needs, we are:

  • Continuing to expand, operating from more locations and hiring more world-class SMEs
  • Bringing our deep understanding of best practices from working with a wide range of clients across the globe
  • Partnering with our clients to help them take their financial crime prevention program to the next level.

Adding Capability

In 2021 we expanded our operating footprint beyond North American, joined technology to our best-in-class human services, and broadened our offerings to 3rd party compliance risk management. Our acquisitions:

  • added managed service centers in Bulgaria and Poland
  • added leading-edge technology solutions
  • added tech development teams in the UK and US
  • added a location in the UK
  • added locations in Asia
  • added 3rd party compliance risk management technology and due diligence services

Solid Global Footprint 

Table - History

Financial crime and preventing it are global issues not constrained by boarders. Many financial service providers have customers across the globe. To meet their needs, we need to be global too. In 2004 we started in a single location in Cleveland, Ohio in the US. Beginning in 2016 we expanded our presence in North America. As more of our client’s had worldwide activities, we needed a global footprint. In 2021 we extended our growth to the UK, EU, and APAC. Since then, we have continued to grow so we can be there for you.

Continuing to build the team

Growth - History

To serve more clients and larger clients we knew we needed to take what we do well and scale it. We took the training, experience, insight, and best-in-class results we offered and built it into a rapidly expanding team. In the last five years we have expanded our human capital over seven-fold. Our growth has been across the globe, letting us rapidly respond to your needs, whenever and wherever they arise.