Frank Ewing, Esq.


AML RightSource is led by our CEO Frank Ewing. Frank is a thought leader and innovator in the global anti-financial crimes and regulatory management space. Always focused on providing the best service and experience for our clients, Frank has overseen the company’s rapid growth to the largest financial crime managed services organization, our acquisition of several compliance technology providers, and our global expansion.

Tracy Mortenson, J.D., C.P.A.


Tracy joined AML RightSource in 2022 to help drive the innovation necessary to fuel the continuing exponential growth of the company; and to ensure the winning culture, which has made it an industry leader, continues to permeate the newly expanded organization. With over twenty-five years of experience working with global information and technology companies, Tracy has been a catalyst for organizational growth and value creation, and she is well known for her laser focus on the customer.

Executive Leadership & Their Teams

Global Client Team

Our global client-facing team is lead by Jeff Hehr, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer.  Jeff and his team focus on expanding client relationships, sales activities & client success.

Global Financial Team

Our global finance team is lead by Todd Ayers, EVP & Chief Financial Officer.  Todd and his team focus on our global financial operations  and strategic planning.

Global Product Technology Team

Our global product technology team is lead by Phil McLaughlin, EVP & Chief Technology Officer.  Phil and his team oversee our technology products from conception to production, including research, design, development, delivery, and support.

Global Administration Team

Our global administration team is lead by Kevin Kerl, EVP & Chief Administrative Officer.  Kevin and his team oversee our global support functions including IT, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Business Intelligence, and Corporate Development.

Advisory Board

John Byrne serves as Chairman of the AML RightSource Advisory Board. He is an internationally known regulatory and legislative attorney with wide-ranging experience in banking and financial crime. Mr. Byrne has deep expertise in all aspects of regulatory management, AML issues and has served in leadership positions at trade associations, financial services industry groups, and government working groups.

Full Advisory Board

Alexandra Lugo

General Counsel

Alexandra Lugo serves AML RightSource as general counsel. Ms. Lugo provides a variety of legal services to the organization and its in-house clients.  While in private practice, she advised company leadership, human resources teams, and board members of companies at all stages of development on compliance, litigation, and liability risks arising under federal, state, and local labor and employment, and employee benefits law.  Ms. Lugo received her JD magna cum laude from University at Buffalo School of Law.