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Corporations and financial institutions require the ability to develop custom workflows and better automation to realize a more efficient and consistent third-party onboarding and management process that helps realize meaningful cost savings. Blue Umbrella, an AML RightSource company, has been working with customers for over a decade to develop features and options within their cutting-edge 'Status' platform to help make this management easy yet effective.

Any potential risks that surface throughout the third-party onboarding process and through monitoring efforts will be easily identified on the central dashboard, alerting stakeholders to potential risks and allowing your team to focus on a suitable response and, manage and track remediation activities.

We offer customers across the globe the ability to build and manage tailored and customized onboarding workflows and processes that match their business processes, risk tolerance, and global program objectives. No matter what internal system or process you’re using, Blue Umbrella can help you centralize, streamline, or optimize your third-party onboarding.

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A One-Stop-Shop for Onboarding

Our tailored and comprehensive third-party onboarding technology combines integrated compliance screening and monitoring, due diligence, adverse media monitoring, and managed services to allow organizations to make better-informed decisions during the onboarding process and throughout the lifecycle of third-party relationships. By partnering with us, you can streamline your decision-making by accessing all of these services in one place. 



Third-Party Onboarding Offers:

  • Multilingual third-party intake registration.
  • Support for multiple dynamic business processes.
  • Integrated compliance screening and monitoring.
  • Customized questionnaires and a user-friendly third-party interface.
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) integration.
  • Configurable risk-rating algorithm.
  • Integrations with our robust application programming interface (API) library.

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Onboarding Remastered

When onboarding third parties with different risk profiles across global markets, our Third-Party Onboarding technology will help you to benefit from over a decade of technical innovation stemming from listening to and supporting our valued clients as they navigate ever-evolving business requirements, risk landscapes, and regulatory environments.
Our technology transforms the onboarding journey from an overwhelming, time-consuming, task-delayed, language-limited, and administratively burdensome process to an easy, pain-free experience.

Third-Party Onboarding capabilities:

Up-to-the minute entity monitoring
Tailored onboarding technology
Worldwide coverage and data integrations
Customized workflows and questionnaires
Customized Profiles and risk profiling
Integrated due diligence
Putting Analysis ahead of admin
Basic screening, comprehensive screening, and recertification
Data Sources _ One Place
Integration with other systems via API

Innovation at the Forefront

We understand that third-party onboarding is a critical process for any organization and must be done properly. Therefore, we employ innovative thinking across all our technology and third-party screening to make sure we provide the best risk insights and solutions.

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Case Studies

Our renowned services and technology have helped organizations across the globe by providing crystal-clear visibility in areas of financial crime and third-party risk. Here are a few examples of how we’ve done it.


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