AML RightSource is pleased to announce the formation of its Inaugural Advisory Board to convene semi-annually starting in the first quarter of 2019.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide AML RightSource and the overall AML community with advice, counsel, and thought leadership on a variety of issues including enhancing global anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime prevention practices and promoting private-public partnerships throughout the globe.

The three initial members— Nicolas Choules-Burbidge, Marilú Jiménez, and Rick Small— all bring valuable expertise and extensive experience and leadership to the AML RightSource Advisory Board as they have done throughout their careers.

Nicolas Choules-Burbidge, a financial expert in the fields of compliance, AML,CFT and sanctions currently provides consulting services to public and private-sector organizations in Canada and internationally. He was previously a senior executive at the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) in Canada, where he started and oversaw the AML/CFT and Compliance Division (AMLC) for 15 years.

After retiring from OSFI in 2017, Mr. Choules-Burbidge was appointed by the International Monetary Fund and the Council of Europe as a financial assessor of the FATF mutual evaluations of China and Latvia, respectively. He currently serves as team lead advisor to the Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) in the US Department of the Treasury; Director of Shinhan Bank Canada; and is a consultant to the Monetary Authority of Brunei Darussalam.

Regarding his role on the AML RightSource Advisory Board, Mr. Choules-Burbidge said “[I am] delighted to be supporting AML RightSource in developing relevant products and services to help financial and non-financial institutions implement their AML/CFT obligations more effectively.”

Marilú Jiménez is a compliance and legal professional with over 25 years of financial institution experience. With specific expertise in all aspects of regulatory oversight, AML, consumer and financial compliance, she currently serves as Founder and Principal of Financial Intelligence Network & Compliance Advisors (FINCAdvisors).

Ms. Jiménez’s experience includes supervising the compliance function for Popular, Inc.’s operations in Puerto Rico and the United States as the Senior Vice-President & Division Head of the Corporate Compliance Division. Additionally, she has worked with multinational institutions such as Citibank, Puerto Rico’s Commissioner of Financial Institutions, and Banco Santander, where she managed the Legal Counsel Office and Corporate Compliance.

Ms. Jiménez is an active participant in the compliance industry, holding several board positions, is a frequent speaker both nationally and internationally, and has been part of the US Treasury Department’s public-private sector dialogues with the Latin American AML financial community.

Rick Small brings leading insights on the challenges, strategies, regulatory expectations, and future focus areas for AML and financial crimes at a global level. Currently serving as Executive Vice President, Director Financial Crimes, at BB&T, Mr. Small oversees all of the bank’s financial crimes compliance programs.

Previously, Mr. Small has held anti-money laundering leadership positions at Ernst & Young, American Express, GE Money, and Citigroup. He gained extensive knowledge and expertise with positions within the U.S. Government, first as a Federal Prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice, followed by Senior Counsel for Law Enforcement at the United States Department of the Treasury. In his most recent government position, he served as a Deputy Associate Director in the Federal Reserve System’s Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation. Mr. Small is currently Chairman of the Advisory Board of ACAMS and the recipient of a number of career awards.

“In my experience, having high-quality experts providing advice and counsel to an organization dramatically enhances the ability to serve your clients. We are now fortunate to have these individuals that have provided such amazing leadership for the AML community,” stated John Byrne, Vice Chairman at AML RightSource.

Chief Executive Officer Frank Ewing added, “We are thrilled to add Rick, Marilú, and Nick to our Advisory Board. Each of them carry immense knowledge of our industry and the trends that will impact the future landscape of financial crime prevention. Having these esteemed professionals on our Advisory Board will undoubtedly help us better serve our clients and carry our business to new heights.”

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