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Why I Joined AML RightSource

Chuck Taylor

As an AML professional with any sort of tenure, contact from recruiters becomes common place.  It’s a nice problem to have but one that most of us try to kindly deflect.  When I was contacted by a recruiter representing AML RightSource I was curious as it was not the normal type of firm that seeks me out.  As a client I knew that AML RightSource was great at what they do, but their business model didn’t seem to fit my skill set.  I met the recruiter and she told me she was filling a vacancy for Head of the Financial Crimes Advisory Practice.  My initial reaction was to laugh as I thought she had the wrong person.  I’m a practitioner not a consultant and the idea seemed overwhelming and completely out of my comfort zone.

Through further conversations with the recruiter and Frank Ewing, AML RightSource CEO, I realized my experience as a practitioner was exactly what they were looking for.  Someone who had been successful building AML and sanctions programs, understanding the regulatory oversight process and coming up with creative solutions.  That sounded like my wheel house, and the more we talked, the more and more I became intrigued with the idea.

Many folks on the consulting side of the AML ecosystem are career consultants, accountants, lawyers or former regulators.  I have found it refreshing in the past when the consultants I meet with have been in the trenches before as a BSA Officer at a financial institution.  They understand what it’s like to write a BSA Program, implement an AML monitoring system, build a risk assessment or get them out from under a consent order or multiple MRAs.  There is an immediate measure of understanding and commiseration that builds rapport and trust.

One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been helping peers with issues.  If I didn’t have direct experience, I tried to weigh in anyway with a suggestion or proposed solution.  I soon realized that by taking on my new role with AML RightSource I would get to do this type of thing as a career -- helping peers as they work through issues together with senior management, auditors and regulators.

AML RightSource is recognized as the gold standard for staff augmentation in the investigative analyst space.  Their Financial Crimes Advisory Practice is more than solid, but according to management they needed someone like me to give it direction and take it to the next level.  Though new to me, and a bit intimidating, I am very excited to join such a well respected firm and help them build out the Advisory practice.  By enhancing the breadth and scope of the Advisory practice we will be better able to meet all the needs of our clients and become a more valuable and effective partner.

Everyone I met at AML RightSource through the recruiting process was full of energy, loved their job and shared a vision for making it a leader in the financial crimes space.  I realized that this was the place for me to be.  The environment, culture and brand that AML RightSource has created will allow me to take the next step in my professional career while helping others and continuing to learn.  In this new role I will get to keep doing the things that I love about AML while being more creative, progressive and strategic.  I hope to make an impact on the future of the AML community while helping AML RightSource realize its potential.