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Rethinking AML Compliance in the Age of Disruption

Shift your focus forward.

Money laundering and other financial crimes continue to create increased risk to the global financial system, and support criminal/terrorist activity. All participants in the financial industry need to work to stem the problem of money laundering and financial crime.

This ebook will give you insights into how FinTech companies; strengthening an existing AML compliance program; preparing an effective Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) narrative; and attracting new talent to AML compliance can each help prevent money laundering and financial crime and stem the flow of illegal funds.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  • How FinTech startups can design compliance into their products and services during the development process.
  • Steps that can lead to a stronger AML compliance program.
  • How to sift through the mounds of facts arising from the investigation of suspicious activity to prepare an effective SAR narrative.
  • How to attract top talent to your AML compliance program.

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