Frankly Speaking EP. 05: Culture - How to Build It and Keep It Healthy

By AML RightSource | June 22, 2021
In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank and Elliot discuss the characteristics of culture and how to create a dynamic environment that can pace the progression of both a growing employee base, and client base. Frank touches on the foundational elements of company culture, and its home in the bedrock values an organization seeks to live by. There may or may not be a shoutout to our loyal Peruvian listener base, and as always, a "Hi Mom!" moment.

Frankly Speaking: EP. 04 - Applying Technology To Financial Crimes Compliance

By AML RightSource | May 12, 2021
The melding of technology and human intervention in financial crimes prevention continues to accelerate. Frank and Elliot are joined by David Buxton, Chief Product Officer at AML RightSource to discuss this convergence; they explore when technology can be most effective and when human intelligence, experience, and judgement make a decisive difference in successfully interdicting financial crime.

Frankly Speaking: EP. 03 - Managing Through Rapid Inorganic Growth

By AML RightSource | April 6, 2021
As AML RightSource continues its hyper-growth trend in 2021, Frank Ewing, CEO and Elliot Berman, Creative Director of AML RightSource discuss the challenges of managing through an aggressive global acquisitions program and what it means for the company, its team members, and its clients; now and into the future.

Frankly Speaking: EP. 02 - Careers and Career Paths

By AML RightSource | March 3, 2021
  In this episode, Frank and Elliot are joined by Sam Russo - Partner and Managing Director for Lorraine Capital, and Senior Advisor to AML RightSource, and Ryan Cimo - Head of Consumer Business Banking, Marketing Risk & Branch Operations for M&T Bank, to discuss all things career. They chat about strategies for the beginning of the career journey, what helped each of them, and what brought each of them to executive positions.

Frankly Speaking: EP. 01 - The Responsibilities Of A CEO In These Unusual Times

By AML RightSource | February 3, 2021
How do you navigate the responsibilities of leading a continuously growing company, let alone in the midst of a worldwide pandemic? What challenges come with exponential growth from a remote position? Join Frank Ewing, CEO and Elliot Berman, Creative Director of AML RightSource as they jump into the conversation of charting the course through these challenges that AML RightSource, and every other business is dealing with in 2021.




Frank-headshot-squareMr. Ewing serves as Chief Executive Officer of AML RightSource.  He is a licensed attorney and an anti-money laundering expert with comprehensive professional experience in global consulting, banking, and law.  Mr. Ewing has extensive hands-on experience in the areas of anti-money laundering compliance, regulatory enforcement actions, regulatory affairs, internal audit, commercial litigation, corporate investigations, fraud, and risk management. Mr. Ewing earned his undergraduate degree at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York and his juris doctor at the University of Buffalo Law School.





Elliot BermanMr. Berman serves as Creative Director for AML RightSource. He is an expert in anti-money laundering compliance and a frequent conference speaker; he also has extensive experience in issues that affect business organizations and financial institutions. Mr. Berman has advised financial services companies on numerous issues including governance and strategic planning. He served as General Counsel for a regional financial services holding company; during his tenure he was responsible for the coordination of legal services to the company and its subsidiaries, for oversight of the company’s corporate compliance function, governance matters, shareholder relations, enterprise risk management, corporate security and loan review.

Mr. Berman is a past member of the board of directors of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and the Wisconsin Automated Clearing House Association (WACHA).